Hanan Yadin – Israeli Advanced Urban Pistol Tactics

By Capt Hanan Yadin, President
ISI Training Center
Ph. 832-758-3778

Date:  Future Dates Pending     8:00am – 5:00pm
Location:  Bridgeview Gun Club, Port Allen, LA
$195.00 – Register Here

Take a look at Hanan Yadin’s video!

Capt Yadin is a former member of the Israeli National Defense Force, and the Shin Bet, the Israel Anti-Terrorist Unit. He served for a time on the personal security staff of Ariel Sharon, the former Prime Minister of Israel, and conducted many high-risk operations while a member of Shin Bet. Mr. Yadin is a recognized expert on personal self-defense and tactical handgun fighting. He has trained hundreds of military and law enforcement units across the United States, and the world.

The Advanced Urban Pistol Tactics Course is designed for those individuals who currently have a CHL/LTC permit or those who wish to enhance their skills with handgun tactics. With the epidemic of violent assaults and terrorism on the rise and police budgets getting cut it is important for the armed citizen to know how to defend themselves and their families.

The 8 hour course curriculum includes:

1. Firearms safety brief
2. Weapon familiarization
3. Dress drill
4. Grip, stance, sights alignment
5. Trigger pull
6. Fundamentals of combat and reflex shooting
7. Advantages and disadvantages of point/reflex shooting
8. Shooting from ready stance
9. Shooting from holster
10. Two-hand shoot, one-hand and supportive hand
11. Combat reloading under stress
12. Shooting from kneeling position
13. Shooting behind cover/concealment
14. Dynamic movement

Below is a list of gear each student must have:

1. Handgun
2. Three magazines
3. Holster
4. Double mag pouch
5. Sturdy belt
6. Training attire
7. Hat
8. Eye/ear protection
9. Sturdy shoes
10. Knee pads (option)
11. 250 rounds
12. Hydration
13. Snacks and lunch on your own