Hanan Yadin – Adverse Light Shooting Course


By Capt Hanan Yadin, President
ISI Training Center
Ph. 832-758-3778


Date:  February 11, 2018     3:00pm – 11:00pm
Location:  FRC Range, Baton Rouge, LA
$250.00 – Register Here

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You must be Ready, Anywhere, Anytime.

ISI Training Center eight-hour Adverse Light Shooting course will present the trainees to the challenges and latest shooting techniques in low or no light conditions with handguns.

Winning a low-light armed hostile will not be based solely on equipment. Knowledge of how your body performs and how your eyes work both under stress and in adverse lighting are a good start for the armed citizen.

Hanan Yadin has trained hundreds of soldiers and police officers to shoot at night without night visions (NV). When technology fails, all we have is our senses, reflexes and iron sights.

Each person adapts to the darkness differently. The course will include the physiological and psychological reactions of the human body to adverse light shooting, including an overview of the anatomy of the human eye. The sympathetic nervous system (SNS) is a branch of the autonomic nervous system. The (SNS) is triggered in high stress situations such as those in armed encounters. One of the results of an SNS reaction is an impairment of the visual system. Among other things, the visual field narrows (tunnel vision), low-light vision is reduced (as is the loss of ability to distinguish colors) and the depth perception is reduced (resulting in a loss of visual acuity and accuracy).

Students will practice several scenarios and techniques under light, low and no light conditions. Low and no light shooting is dangerous and requires strict discipline. SAFETY is a must. Instructors reserve the right to terminate any student participation due to disciplinary issues.

Students responsible to bring the following: handgun, 300 rounds, 2 magazines, holster and magazine pouch (belt slide), handheld flashlight + extra batteries, eye and ear protection, training attire, jacket, and snacks.

Fee per person: $250 (limited to 14 shooters only)

Registration and payment at https://squareup.com/store/scott-s-merrick/item/hanan-yadin-adverse-low-light-training