Scott Merrick

Scott’s passion has been to teach.  He’s an NRA instructor, an OSHA Outreach instructor, a Medic First Aid instructor, as well as a retired NAUI Scuba Instructor. Scott also holds a Commercial Pilot’s license with multi-engine and instrument ratings.

Scott is certified to teach:


John Kelley

John is a NRA Instructor and Glock armorer.  No one gives a better legal presentation for the Concealed Handgun class than John.

John is certified to teach:

Jim Killen

During the week, Jim is a CPA for an engineering company.  On Saturday mornings, he dons his NRA instructor suit and does what he is fantastic at – teaching.

Jim is certified to teach:

Bruce Eilts

Bruce Eilts (aka James Bond) is a retired professor of Veterinary Medicine at Louisiana State University. He has over 30 years of teaching experience. His first handgun was purchased in 1979, a Colt Gold Cup Model 1911 in .45 caliber, which he used in combat pistol league shooting. This has led to a life-long interest in shooting and the shooting sports. He is very interested in passing on knowledge and interest to others about shooting, and shooting safety.

Because Bruce is retired, he really enjoys presenting courses on weekdays.

Bruce is certified to teach:

Joseph DeGatani

Joseph is a New Jersey transplant, so we have to be kind to him and feed him plenty of Cajun food.  Joe is an awesome shooter, and takes every opportunity to take advanced courses.

Joseph is certified to teach: